30 mar2021
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What Pants to Wear with a Woman's Shirt

Blouses are a favorite style of clothing for many women. Most women wear a blouse with a pair of pants, but also a skirt. But it's more often worn with pants. Be sure to choose your shirt carefully with your pants, or you'll look out of place. So what kind of pants to wear with a woman's shirt?

1. Korean white shirt

White shirt is the design with the highest rate of show lens forever, joker not only good-looking, elegant and capable still is ripe female is sweet it can present for you one by one, shirt of Han edition white is tie-in jeans, blue and white tone is relaxed and simple, still have a kind of neutral beauty with free and easy sex.

Korean version of the white shirt with skirt to wear, it is very feminine, avoid wearing the image of a young lady sales, skirt might as well choose a more personalized design or sweet style Oh.

2. Korean blue shirt

The light blue shirt has the original cool feel of a man's shirt, like stolen from a boyfriend's closet, even when worn with a skirt is very neutral casual.

3. Korean striped shirt

The striped element is the ivy of the fashion circle. The striped shirt is matched with cowboy bell-bottom pants. The high waist is worn to elongate the lower body proportion.

In recent years, shirts have been worn a lot, like this kind of semi-bundled wear a kind of unruly handsome sense, very casual oh. Pair it with a skirt or pants.

4. Korean plaid shirt

When it comes to how the shirt can be less plaid, whether it is retro or college, art or small fresh, it can be made one by one. Different tonal different size grid can make completely different style oh.

5. Chiffon shirt of Korean edition

The snow that provides feminine flavour extremely spins shirt, comfortable have elegant feeling again, having trifling little romance, and very ripe female. Micro transparent fabric is the little sex appeal that gives you more fantastical.

6. Korean denim shirts

Cowboy shirt tie-in jeans, casual and classic tannin wind, the collocation of the same color of the whole body will never go wrong, and tonal difference can also create a rich sense of layers oh.Read more at:white formal dresses | www.formaldressau.com


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