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What color heels to wear with a champagne gown

Shoes represent the quality of a person's taste, so not only in daily life to carefully choose their own style, in important occasions, but also according to the dress with the right shoes. So, what color heels to wear with a champagne gown?

What color to wear with a champagne gown? Same color, white, mauve. Do not propose to use color too deep too colourful shoes, champagne color gives a person gentle atmosphere, soft and noble feeling, take a brunet shoe feeling changed, match the color of the same color is the best choice certainly, additional, in addition to the same color department, collocation of white, lavender is very good also.

Evening dress and shoes collocation strategy 1, the choice of style

If you've opted for slim or flat heels, be sure to choose shoes with pointed toes or some trimming to compensate for the lack of heels.

2, dress and shoes match

If you have tried on all the styles and colors of shoes and feel that the dress does not match, then consider a metallic shoe. It may give you unexpected results.

3, color selection

Warm colors like pink, coral, orange, and cream work best with gold, bronze, or bronze or light green. Cool colors like purple, blue, gray, and white will look great with silver.

1, pay attention to comfort

We are all to the shoes comfortable or not comfortable, only their feet know, so we must pay attention to the comfort of shoes when choosing shoes.

2. Pay attention to heel height

If it's high heels, we have to think about it. Some may opt for heels because the dress might look better with heels. If say if you are used to high-heeled shoes at ordinary times, so such collocation is not a problem, not the foot that can give you brings too heavy burden; However, if you are not used to wearing high heels, it is recommended not to choose, even there will be an embarrassing scene of twisted feet. So high-heeled shoes should be carefully selected, even if the dress is better to look, it is suggested to choose a low heel or flat heel shoes, will be a lot easier.

3. Pay attention to color

The most important point of evening dress is to match the dress, according to the dress to choose the right color of shoes. For example, if your evening dress is pink, go for white or beige shoes. Dress and shoes collocation skills is: in principle what color dress, with the same color of shoes, and white, silver, gold these three colors are all-match color, general light color dress color can choose any one of these three collocation.

4. Pay attention to old and new

When choosing shoes, it is not necessary to choose new shoes. If you have suitable half-worn shoes, you can choose them, but shoes should not be worn too much, because old shoes are more comfortable than new shoes and will not wear your feet. If there is no suitable old shoes, then it is recommended to buy new shoes in advance, wear more practice at home, but also to prepare a little more band-aid, in case of need, worn feet on the timely paste.Read more at:Formaldressau | formal dresses adelaide


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